Ragunan Zoo Morning Stroll

by | Apr 25, 2016 | scribble | 0 comments

Saturday morning run at Ragunan. Last Saturday I was finally back to the routine that I’ve put off for long enough. Having been absent from there for quite some time, it was a bit surprising to me that they’ve implemented a full “e-Ticketing”, for both parking and admission fee, luckily my wife brought some spare cash in hand (though it was supposed to be for our drinks & snacks) so we were able to purchase the card which was Rp30K, I think the total balance in the card was Rp20K and the Rp10K was for the card itself.

the so called JakCard

the so called JakCard

I’m OK with all the “integrated” idea, but I wish that it was thought more throughly and more prepared (they might want to do a HCD research on this too though), I mean Rp30K is fine if you’re a regular visitor, you can always top up anyway, but what if you’re from out of town that only comes there for a one time visit? Rp30K will be quite a lot of price to pay compared to the regular Rp4K admission fee, or another example; what if you’re a regular but forgot to bring your card? You’ll be forced to buy a new one instead then, now that’ll be a bummer.

If we can learn from other countries that have this type of payment system, usually they have a single pass ticket, that way you can still visit the place at a normal price (even I wouldn’t mind if it was a slightly higher price) and the system will still be fully electronic, they’ll probably will just need to install an additional ticket machine for purchasing/returning those single pass tickets.

zoo app

Dude, I was right there!

Anyway, that’s that. While I was running, I noticed that there were these banners on several road side, a GPS app; so you won’t get lost, at least in theory that is. I stopped for a while and installed the app on my phone, then I laughed. It didn’t work. Well that’s money down the drain for developing a half baked app. Hope they’ll fix it in the future. Good thing the good old signage is still there to guide my way around the zoo.

Well aside for those mentioned above, I did managed to have a good run, and I’ll be back again next week (though I’ll need to top up my card before that so I can park my car), and I surely wont be buying any drinks on the side-road along, those ice blocks are placed just like that on the pavements, yuck! Even if they say it’s just for cooling their coolers, I wont take my chances.

‘Til next week, hope by then the app will work properly.