A Decade of Vacuum – Back to Yoyo

by | Apr 20, 2016 | skill toys | 0 comments

Being a “stay-at-home-or-at-a-cafe” freelancer and always sitting all day working on websites/apps/whatever really makes my hand’s motor skills dull, it’s just a never ending mouse clicking and getting my ass really sore, and not to mention a bigger belly too….and there’s the boredom also, Initially I decided to do more exercise (something that I’ve put on hold during my 9-5 work life) by getting a TRX. The result was really good, I lost like 5kg in a few weeks, but I still feel that doing those exercises was more of a health benefit than a fun distraction, that’s when I decided to get back into yoyo!

proyo turblo bumblebee gt

Proyo turbo Bumble Bee GT, the yoyo from year 2000. *image credit: museumofplay.org

Flash back a bit to the year 2000, I was a freshman at ITB and was part of LFM (a student activity body), a fellow student (waaaay older than me) started to come everyday with his yoyo, his name is Oke Rosgana (he later was renowned as “bapak yoyo Indonesia”), that brings back a lot of my childhood memories, remember those times where Coca Cola or Sprite used to have these yoyo? Fun times.

Anyway, back to ITB life. I started to learn how to play yoyo again with Oke, those classic tricks like “around the world” etc was really amusing….until one day I lost my yoyo and never bothered to buy a new one until a few months ago.

Flash forward to 2016, I was at PIM with my wife, and out of the blue I saw that Toys City was selling yoyo (apparently there was this cartoon show on tv about yoyo, it was “Blazing Teens”) and that got me thinking, yoyo sounds fun, then I impulsively bought one, it was a metal one…quite pricey too, but then I really didn’t know the current “normal” price of a yoyo, let alone the quality of a metal yoyo, so I said what the heck and got one.

Got back home, started playing with it after more than a decade of vacuum…that darn yoyo won’t return after I tug it, that was really confusing. So I started googling and so it seems that the current yoyo in stores are divided into 2 major categories; tug-return, and bind-return. Youtube to the rescue! Watched a couple of vids on how to do a bind, then I was set for throwing yoyo around! This isn’t (really) a kid’s toy I tell you, frickn’ difficult, but then again my motor skills are bad). That’s done, now I can return the yoyo to my hand 😀


3 different yoyo sizes; under sized, normal, over-sized

On to other tricks! I learned most of the basics at yoyotricks.com , which was quite a nice site for learning yoyo….then I learnt that it’s not as easy as it seems, I kept hitting the yoyo to the ground and made some dings & scratches, then I learnt that it’s better to start learning using a plastic yoyo, those derlin yoyo are very durable and wont really break if it hits the ground.

Since my first purchase was out of compulsive decision (which I regret later, because I found out that the one I bought was really over priced and I could’ve bought a really better yoyo), so the hunting for a plastic yoyo begins, I googled around and finally bought a YYF Replay Pro and started learning using that.

It feels kinda good to have fun and learn new tricks again, surely feels better than just sitting in front of the computer, now I’ve got a couple more yoyo (YYF Daydream and the Auldey Flashy Blade which was my first purchase) and I’ll probably post a bit about those later on!