Workstation Setup with Duet Display App

by | Jun 7, 2016 | technology | 0 comments

I’ve been rearranging my workstation for a better work flow, initial plan was to get a new monitor to replace my old ViewSonic, but then i stumbled upon Duet Display and turned my iPad mini 2 into a third screen. So for now I can postpone my 25″ UltraWide screen purchase and utilize this instead.

Having a third screen really boost my productivity (at least i don’t have to keep tab switching when coding or when finding a song on spotify 😀 ). For the price of Rp.239K , that was worth the money for sure.

workstation setup

DuetDisplay utilizes the lightning cable instead of wifi/bluetooth, which makes it lag free and that’s great! Another thing worth mentioning is that it adds a touchscreen functions to my laptop which makes switching layers on photoshop a breeze, and I can even draw straight on the iPad screen (even though i’m not that good at illustrating). I can still run other background apps on iPad using its multitasking feature, and it also detects (and automatically change) screen rotation too, so whenever I need a portrait or landscape view, i can do it easily and quickly too.

My general setup for this workstation is usually Spotify & skype on the iPad, main app window on the laptop, and other apps on the ViewSonic. When I’m on the go, for instance when I’m bored and working from a cafe, I can easily bring my iPad along and still have a dualscreen setup for work (which is my minimum setup), that way I can view the brief/feedback/document/chat on one screen, and work on the other screen.

Later on I’ll probably post a detailed preferred setups for design & for web development, along with the apps that i use and the app screen distribution for them. But for now, that’s that!