Interactive social media games, on ground mind reading technology, memes, you name it! The #AdaAQUA campaign was one of the proudest project that worked on, and resulted in several awards and also was a viral thing, though in the end we simply just wanted our youth to ask one thing, #AdaAQUA ?

Adidas Indonesia

Social media management and assets creations aligning with the global standard, localizing the content to suit the viewers in Indonesia. Whether it’s for Instagram, Facebook, or twitter, we’re #allin . Having Adidas as one of our client was indeed a fun & challenging experience, we did several on ground events too to promote the brand. Fun times!

Save Jack

As part of the #AdaAQUA campaign that focuses on “keeping yourself focus”, we created a youtube video that’s based on awareness test and also an Instagram scavenger hunt game that uses multiple links and accounts where users needs to find hidden clues & answers that will lead to the goal & win their prizes.