Mizone Portal

Having so many campaigns through out the year, Mizone deciced that they needed a portal to let their users get to know of every campaign that’s currently running, whether it’s an online campaign, or offline.

Integra Realty

A simple landing page for a realtor to engage and explain his business to his customers, which also includes several utilities to ease a home purchase. It also acts a hub for other realty agents to monitor and track their sales.

Honkio Finland

Developing a website for HONKIO, a Finnish SAAS company that wanted to utilize a well known WordPress theme, Divi, into their site. It’s a multilingual site that delivers secure payment solutions to their users.

Zolace Malaysia

A Malaysian e-commerce site wanted a revamp, they wanted it to have a more modern yet simple look to it. I’ve also reworked their checkout UX flow to give a more streamlined and smooth experience for their users. Aside from that,I also managed to create a template for their newsletter layouts.

Wifi Captive Portal

A responsive wifi captive portal landing page UI design for BMW’s automotive show, where visitors can login and connect on-ground.

Tombol Semangat

During Ramadhan, there’s thing thing called “ngabuburit” in Indonesia, which is like killing time until the break of fast time comes. We created this campaign to engage with our users during that time by building a site that randomly generates quotes, memes, games, and animated gif.