dani dwiputra

dani dwiputra

digital art director | coffee brewer | amateur yoyo thrower

I’ve been in the creative industry since around 2006. Inspired by a lot of cool flash sites during those days, I began working professionally as a web designer that focused on flash animation. It was only natural (at least for me) that I progressed into becoming a motion graphic designer shortly after that. After a few years being inside the motion graphic world, I went back to my root and dived back into web & app design. Oh, and I love a great cup of coffee & playing with my yoyo during my free time. But I think kendama is quite interesting too, right?

  • cobli01
    Cobli Mobile App
  • bmw-tablet
    BMW Wifi Captive Portal
  • 3-feat
    Adidas Indonesia
  • mizone2015_mobile
    Mizone Portal
  • AdaAqua-FeaturedImage
    AQUA - #AdaAQUA Campaign
  • DKUI_01-1
    AQUA - Dari Kita
  • t01
    Mizone - Tombol Semangat
  • savejack-fi
    AQUA - Save Jack
  • samsung_laptop
    Samsung - #MyTasteStory
  • zolace-featuredimage
    Zolace Malaysia
  • Live Your Life Consultans - Website 2
  • integrafi
    Integra Realty

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